By: Independent Love

Here we are again

The thoughts in my head spinning

Eyes welling up with tears

My throat choking back the pain

The ache in my chest

Stomach doing flips

Moment after moment

Replaying every image

Every encounter

What did I do wrong?

Holding my breath

Just have to stay busy

Frantically looking for something to do

All of a sudden,

My surroundings aren’t a home.

I don’t recognize anything in my life

Hyperventilating now

Letting it all out




Where is the line?

Where does your guilt stop?

And mine start?

I’m confused.

And hurt.

What was my fault?

What was yours?

Everything is blurry

But it still makes me hate myself.

How do I not repeat this cycle again?

Am I playing the victim?

Or am I taking too much of your shit?

When do I close the door?

And stop taking all the pain


By: Independent Love

Is she better?

Does she hold you tightly when you are crying?

When you are sobbing and emotionally broken

Does she cradle your head?

Giving you tiny kisses while stroking your hair?

You tell her how broken you are

How the world is so mean

Tell her what I did to you

Is she better?

In a moment of sobbing, you stop to smile while buried in her arms.

Don’t let her see you smile.

She feels your pain ripping in her chest

She’s apologizing to you. Telling you that you don’t deserve this

You know you found your next prey.

Is she better?

Is she going to be better than me?

Will she help change you?

Will you twist her emotions and thoughts like a contortionist?

I know you will.

How long will it take for you to discard her?

The moment she says no to you?

The moment she gets a smile from another man?

Go ahead and cry now

Show her you have pain

And emotions

She will need to see it

You need to do it

To make sure she is good and hooked on you

Dragging her upstream, downstream like a fish on a hook

Is she better?

Or will she just see through you too?