Why the Blog?

Hey Wanderers!

Thank you so much for dropping in to check out what’s new!

I think it’s time to share what this blog is about. This blog is about healing. Like everyone else in this life, I have struggled with my mental health, relationships, and trauma.

I feel this blog is a way to process everything and share my struggle. If I can help one person, I’d be content.

I wish for this place to be safe, happy, encouraging, filled with love for everyone who needs it. I would love for us to engage with each other and support one another.

I am in no way a professional, just a young “adult” (I use that term loosely because I still like coloring and eating cookies for dinner) figuring out life by living it. I feel we all need support in life and it is a part of human nature to lean on each other.

I have some stuff planned including an insight into my past, more healing music, and some guided meditation. Please let me know what else you would like me to talk about.

No bullshit; no making ourselves look better. We are here to show and discuss our real shit. For real people.

We are survivors. Don’t let anyone take that from you. Thank you for staying tuned!


Top Songs for Recovery/ Inspiration

Hello Wanderers! I’ve been searching some uplifting tunes for this time in my life. Here are some of my favorites right now:

  1. “Battle Scars” by Lupe Fiasco
  2. “Praying” by Kesha
  3. “Learn to Let Go” by Kesha
  4. “Scars to your Beautiful” by Alessia Cara
  5. “Easier Said” by Alessia Cara
  6. “I Have questions” by Camila Cabello
  7. “Breathin’” by Ariana Grande
  8. “Save Myself” by Ed Sheeran
  9. “W.A.Y.S.” by Jhene Aiko
  10. “Spotless Mind” by Jhene Aiko
  11. “Beautiful Ruin” by Jhene Aiko
  12. “Gypsy” by Russ
  13. “Do it Myself” by Russ
  14. “Brave” by Sarah Bareilles
  15. “The Show Goes on” by Lupe Fiasco
  16. “Alive” by Sia
  17. “Guts Over Fear” by Sia and Eminem
  18. “Lucid Dreaming” by Tinashe
  19. “You Don’t Know Me” by Tinashe
  20. “Thunder” by Imagine Dragons
  21. “Sorry, Not Sorry” by Demi Lovato

What are your go- to songs that give you a pep in your step?