My Weird Playlist

Hey everyone! Welcome back! I have a confession. I am going through a weird time in my life right now. This playlist is helping me get through. I am swinging between hurt/pain and feeling empowered. Anyone else experience this before? Or just me? Hahaha!

Anyways, here is my list of jams right now:

“Manifest” Russ

“Nobody Knows” Russ

“Back to life” Russ

“Some Time” Russ

“I’m the Man”50 cent

“Apparently” J Cole

“Party” Beyonce & J Cole

“Forever Young/Halo” Beyonce & Jay Z

“Bad Guy” Niykee Heaton

“Starting Over” Niykee Heaton

“Mascara” Niykee Heaton

“Be as you are” Mike Posner

“Begging you” Russ

“Grown Woman” Beyonce

“Cold Sweat” Tinashe

“Crooked Smile” J Cole

“Hello Ego” Jhene Aiko

“Break up with your Boyfriend, I’m bored” Ariana Grande

“IV Sweatpants” Childish Gambino

“Like I used to” Tinashe

“Never Call me” Jhene Aiko

“Love me like you used to” Kaskade feat. Cecilia Gault

“Tomboy” Destiny Rogers

“Sally Walker” Iggy Azalea

“Out of Love” Alessia Cara

“Nice” The Carters

“Overstimulated” Jhene Aiko

“Runnin’ (Lose it all)” Naughty Boy feat. Beyonce and Arrow Benjamin

“Salt” Tinashe

“Save myself” Ed Sheeran

“Self-Care” Mac Miller

“Be like me” Lil Pump feat. Lil Wayne

Are you guys going through anything right now? Let me know!



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